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Pledge with NBOBC

By signing the No Black-on-Black Crime pledge, you pledge to commit to take a stand against black-on-black crime on both local and national levels.  You will contribute to building safer communities and nurturing a positive future for all by actively addressing this issue through:

1. Education and Awareness

2. Investing in Youth

3. Strengthening Community Relationships

4. Advocating for Policy Change

5. Supporting Victim Assistance and Rehabilitation

6. Collaboration and Partnership


We are in need of area captains! This important role would involve that you participate in online NBOBC Town Hall meetings, check our website for updates, and share NBOBC information and related local events with members of your community.

Please select YES if you would like to be an area captain when signing the pledge below.  


By signing this pledge, I declare my commitment to working tirelessly towards the elimination of black-on-black crime and crime as a whole. I understand that this will require an ongoing effort, personal reflection, and perseverance. Together we can break this cycle of violence and create safer, stronger, and more compassionate communities for ourselves, our families, and our future generations.

You will receive a Certificate of Partnership and Welcome Letter after signing the pledge. Sign the Pledge below. 

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NBOBC Certificate of Partnership_14JAN24.png
Sign the Pledge
Area Captain

Thanks for signing our pledge.

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